Saturday, February 19, 2011

What to do when your not feeling well and you still have a LO to do?

Steal, Uh I mean, scraplift someone else's design. ;) I'm pretty sick today. Plus, my darling husband had to go to work and I'm home with the 3 kiddos. But I still wanted to get a LO done for LOAD 2/11. So, I pulled out one of my trusty sketch design books, Easy Patterns by Brenda Arnall. {side note, I just tried searching for some images or a link to where you could buy this and I saw a woman on Amazon trying to sell it for $99.99?!?!? What, really? This is a great book for when you're in a scrapbooking slump or need to churn out multiple pages for a theme album. But $100?!?! Hmm, maybe I should sell mine}

I really do love this book {or is it considered a magazine? IDK} I like to use it when I'm making an album for a gift or on my Disney albums. But it's also great for pulling out some PP scraps you like and making a page or two out of them. Plus, if you do the full pattern you'll end up with something like 3 double page LO's, a couple of cards and maybe a cute sign to hang up. So, CK, if your listening to my lowly blog, how's about another edition?

Anyway onto the LO...

This was the family {well the family at the time anyway} in Turks and Caicos all dressed up {get it, the title of the LO, heehee, haha, wink wink} for my sister and brother in laws wedding.

All the paper and butterfly punches are from {you guessed it} Stampin Up!, the title is a My Mind's Eye rub-on {and let me just say that these rub-on's rock. I've had this one for years and it still worked like a charm!} Unknown swirly transparency and Michael's pearls for the butterflies. Oh, and I'm not sure where I got the green felt ribbon either.

eta: Perhaps I should not be blogging while I'm sick. I've edited this post 3 times now and I keep finding more and more misspelled words, missing words and sentences that just don't make sense. So if this is your first time reading, I usually do have more of a grasp on the English language than this. Kind of.

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  1. Great two page layout - I wish I could scrap that well, when I wasn't. Hope you are feeling better soon.