Monday, January 31, 2011

P365, LOAD 211, OMG, WDTM?

So this year, I decided to do Becky Higgins' Project Life or Project 365. That is to say that I am trying to take a picture every single day and put it in my beautiful, specially made album put out by Becky Higgins. Let me tell you, I love this idea. I even got my BFF to start her own album along with me. I've been doing great and haven't missed a picture yet. Although, truth be told, it's only been one month. But I really am loving it.

So fast forward to last week and I see a link on 2peas about Lain Ehmann's LOAD 211. What's LOAD 211, you ask? Well, it stands for Layout A Day Feb 2011. Get it, LOAD 211. Cute huh! Yay, sound's cool, so I sign up. Then it hits me. This means I'm supposed to not only create a layout everyday in Feb, but I also have to take a picture as well as up load it into Flickr. Am I crazy? Yes, yes I am. Picture a day {POTD} and layout of the day {LOAD}. Sah-weet!

But no matter, right? I can just use that LO to post everyday to my blog and then my faithful {non}readers can see for themselves what I'm up to in Feb. Because we've seen how well I keep up with my blog. ;)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coloring your letter stickers

Did you know that you can use Bic Mark It's to color on your letter stickers? Neither did I!

I was creating this layout, but was too lazy to get out my Cricut. I only had while letter stickers {I believe they are Making Memories} and I wanted blue. So I took my daughters markers and just colored. They work really well for this. I want to get some white thickers to try too.


I think I may need some more colors though, because I'm trying desperately to ignore the fact that the marker is more of a bright blue that goes with the patterend paper {piggytails} rather then the more grey blue of the cardstock {bazzill} BTW-I totally scraplifted this from 2peas Garden Girl Nichol Magourik.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sweet card for my Sweet


Hopefully, he doesn't see this. Hahahahahahaha! *wipes tears of laughter from eye* Sorry, like he'd ever look at crafty blog. Even if it was mine. :)

Anyway, I made this out of scraps that I found in my stash. They were so cute, I just had to use them. I can't even tell you who made the paper or the adorable valentines. I can tell you that I got both from my Apron Strings scrapbook kit in say 2008 (maybe?). The cardstock and ink are both Stampin Up! and the sentiment is Close To My Heart.
*Also, need to mention that this card was inspired by Megan Gravener over at Above Rubies Studio. Linky on the right --->

Friday, January 28, 2011

Almost made it, well not quite, okay not even half..

But I did go 5.5 months without spending a single cent on scrappy supplies. Go me, heh! But that whole $9.99 Cricut cartridges deal at Michael's did me in. Seriously, how could a person pass that up. I ended up coming home with 6 (yippee!!) cartridges. Old West, Pagoda, Cars, Sweethearts, Jubilee and Birthday Cakes. I *love* them.

I did find myself being pretty resourceful and found a new attitude towards scrapbooking. I've learned that it doesn't have to be perfect (perfect paper, perfectly matching colors, perfect embellishments, etc.) and to just enjoy the process, not the outcome. Well enjoy the outcome too, but mostly the process. Okay, enjoy both equally.

So on the whole, I'm pretty happy with what I did accomplish (even though, I blogged about none of it, sorry about that, although I guess it doesn't matter too much since no one but me reads this blog) and I can't wait to see all the new to me stuff I missed out on. I now fully embrace my title of The Girl Who has all the Scrappy goodies!

(Have you noticed I have a love affair with parentheses {is that how you spell that?})