Monday, January 31, 2011

P365, LOAD 211, OMG, WDTM?

So this year, I decided to do Becky Higgins' Project Life or Project 365. That is to say that I am trying to take a picture every single day and put it in my beautiful, specially made album put out by Becky Higgins. Let me tell you, I love this idea. I even got my BFF to start her own album along with me. I've been doing great and haven't missed a picture yet. Although, truth be told, it's only been one month. But I really am loving it.

So fast forward to last week and I see a link on 2peas about Lain Ehmann's LOAD 211. What's LOAD 211, you ask? Well, it stands for Layout A Day Feb 2011. Get it, LOAD 211. Cute huh! Yay, sound's cool, so I sign up. Then it hits me. This means I'm supposed to not only create a layout everyday in Feb, but I also have to take a picture as well as up load it into Flickr. Am I crazy? Yes, yes I am. Picture a day {POTD} and layout of the day {LOAD}. Sah-weet!

But no matter, right? I can just use that LO to post everyday to my blog and then my faithful {non}readers can see for themselves what I'm up to in Feb. Because we've seen how well I keep up with my blog. ;)


  1. I think we might be crazy :)
    I am doing Project Life, LOAD, One Little Word and Yesterday & Today with Ali Edwards! I hope my husband doesn't want to eat this month!

  2. Oh my, Gayle. You're even crazier than me. ;) Bring your husband home some take out and call it good!